You and I are not the same people, but one thing we all do- WE EAT! No matter what happens, our eating continues. This is why I have always been cautious about what I cook for my family and myself. Things have been going very well, and my neighbors got to know about my seriousness regarding cooking.

I love them very much, and this feeling led me here. I realized cooking healthy food is as much important as it is to spread in the community. And it is also essential to answer many ‘How to,’ ‘How long,’ and ‘What does‘ type questions. 

As I wish my neighbors good health, why not share my experience with them? This is how it all started almost 2 years ago. With a cup of smoky coffee, I sat down and started typing my first blog. Every word I put made me closer to you. 

I say what exactly I do for myself—no hidden thing. Since then, I have been writing for you, giving my best to see you in a much better shape. But sharing recipes was not the only thing I wanted to do, so I felt something more to be done.

I found out that there are great recipe websites serving billions of people. But most often, those sites lack some commonly and rarely asked questions. Like ‘Is Cocoa Butter Vegan?’ or ‘Does Buttermilk Go Bad?’ Even I need to ask these questions sometimes. So I realized if my website served these answers, that would be even better. 

So I sorted out questions, researched, and found the best possible solutions to your questions. And it is continuing.

 Who is my audience? 


I know what you need to know while before or after cooking. This website makes your cooking great and makes your life great. Because we cover:

  1. Food Storage Tips like Can You (and How to) Freeze Potato Salad?, How to Reheat McDonald’s Nuggets or Can You Freeze Cream Cheese? 
  2. Cooking Tips like How to Reheat Onion Rings, How to Reheat Lobster? or Can You Microwave Ziploc?
  3. Recipes based on the initial letter like Foods That Start With R, or Foods That Start With K and so on!

By the time I published some articles, I felt that I needed to grow. So I recruited some amazing guys who were carefully hand-picked for the same thing I have been doing. We research, discuss, and finalize things together.

Which question you may ask, which style of writing you will like, which image or video you will love-all we give importance to. Still, we are a small team, but we have a great vision. We believe in making your life better. Let me show you who we are.

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Eva Smith

Owner, Lead Content Writer

I am Eva M. Smith, the owner of this website. I am a professional chef. I have two 4-year-old kids. I love to cook for my family, but being a working mom has a lot of challenges, from squeezing in time to do the groceries to make three meals for the day. I know how challenging cooking can be without a kitchen game plan.

That’s why I perfected techniques of preserving staple ingredients and several foods so that you have something pre-cooked or pre-baked to use for an array of meals. And they do not come short in flavor! And I do not want to sacrifice taste for convenience. That’s why I dare to believe that I am one of the best people to ask.

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Monica Nash

Strategic Writer

Monica Nash is the seniormost writer at She is excellent at designing content, and she understands how the audience will receive each piece of work. And yes, she cooks very well! Her 3-year of experience and dedication make the whole team energized.

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Lorena Davalos

Nutritionist, Writer

Lorena Davalos joined our team during the Lockdown of the worldwide pandemic. She is a nutrition expert and has a degree in this subject. Lorena surely knows her onion! She was looking for a platform where she could blend her expertise with commonly asked questions.

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Kristina Ann

Lead Analyst, Editor-in-chief

Kristina Ann is the wisest person on our team. She analyzes people’s queries and information and creates outlines for our content. Kristina is our chief editor too. She is a real workaholic! Besides editing and writing, she shares her wisdom with all of us. Her contribution makes our journey worthy.

Cooking is an art, and you are the artist. Each dish you think of making needs some subtle yet special care, even before turning on the stove. Our journey starts from there. We complete the circle. We believe that in cooking, a small thing is a big thing. So we leave no stone unturned. This is us; this is what we dream of and serve to take your cooking beyond the limit.

Welcome to LimitlessCooking,

Eva Smith