20 Luscious Cobia Recipes For Your Movie Night

cobia recipes

A fish fanatic would love this list of cobia recipes. As someone, who likes meat almost every day, cobia seems to be one of the top priorities because it’s a versatile fish that can be used in many variants. 

From using it as a part of a nutritious bowl to infusing fish and making tacos, cobia’s importance highlights among the lot. It has a soft, buttery taste. 

If you like having fish every other day, go for a cobia recipe. It is delicious, flavorful, and packed with a lot of nutrition. Cobia fish is also known as black salmon, ling, and lemon fish. 

Try the given list of cobia recipes and indulge in a meal packed with flavors.

1. Cobia Fish Tacos

The recipe list starts with a delectable tacos recipe. These Cobia Fish Tacos are stuffed with veggies and a mix of spices to give a burst of flavor in your mouth. You can serve these tasty tacos to your guest as a starter meal. 

Cobia Fish Tacos are made of corn tortillas with a filling of cobia, avocados, red cabbage, and onions. The flavors shine because of spices like chili powder, yogurt, cumin and crushed garlic. 

Assemble your tacos and then garnish them with peanuts and cilantro. Your flavorful, crunchy tacos are ready to serve. 

2. Cobia with Lemon Caper Sauce

I like a good sauce with my fish, and this lemon caper sauce is surely one of the best. It brings out the lemon-wine blend, giving the fish a delicious tangy flavor to cherish and enjoy throughout. 

This lemon caper sauce is made by stirring wine, chicken broth, and lemon juice. Stir in the capers at the last, and then once this sauce is thick, let it cool for a while. Cook your fish by dipping it in a flour batter. 

Pour this lemony sauce on top of your fish and let the punch kick in. It’s a creamy sauce that looks beautiful on a well-cooked fish. Make sure you don’t overcook the fish. 

3. Spicy Cilantro-Jalapeno Cobia

If you were waiting for a spicy recipe, then this spicy cilantro-jalapeno cobia fulfils your demand. It has a green mixture made from cilantro topped on the fish to make it flavorsome. 

This recipe has a flaky white fish paired with a sauce made from jalapeños, cilantro, olive oil, garlic, cumin, ginger, and lemon juice. 

A wholesome combination of fish topped with sauce and garnished with mangoes, pumpkin seeds, and lemon zest. Make sure that you bake your seasoned fillets for 15–20 mins. 

4. Baked Cobia Bowl With Chimichurri

Who would have thought a recipe could look so colorful and delicious that one can’t stop glaring at it? Trust me, once you make the baked cobia bowl with chimichurri, you will not believe you can make such a gorgeous-looking dish.

This baked cobia bowl has a chimichurri made with fresh herbs. The chimichurri is put on top of the fish and then baked for a while. You can meanwhile prepare your cabbage carrot slaw. 

Once done, place your hot fish in a bowl filled with rice. Place the cabbage-carrot slaw on the sides and then top it up with fresh parsley. 

5. Sautéed Cobia With Tomatoes And Capers

Another classic white wine recipe with sautéed and seasoned cobia. This recipe has a simple preparation technique, but when you look at it as a whole, the flavors really do come out well. 

The recipe starts by seasoning the cobia and then cooking it. You can prepare your capers and tomatoes and pour wine followed by the butter. 

Pour this sauce on the cobia and then garnish it with parsley. Squeeze some lemon on the top for that extra punch. 

6. Pan-Roasted Cobia With Sweet Potato And Maple Syrup Puree

A wholesome, fulfilling meal with a distinctive taste is what defines this cobia recipe. If you are craving something unique and out of the box, this Pan-Roasted Cobia With Sweet Potato And Maple Syrup Purée is the perfect recipe. 

The sweet potato purée is made by combining sweet potato with butter, pepper, and maple syrup. Once done, roast your cobia in the pan and then prepare the brown butter sauce. 

Assemble all the ingredients starting from purée. The cobia goes on the top of the puree, and then the brown butter sauce is poured on the cobia. Make sure the purée has a smooth and thick consistency. 

7. Blackened Fish Tacos With Blackberry Balsamic Salsa

Another tacos recipe, but this time the preparation technique and the salsa mixture is very different. The blackened fish tacos with blackberry balsamic salsa have a three-layer procedure. 

You prepare the balsamic salsa using balsamic glaze, honey, blackberry, and red onions. The next step is to prepare the blackened fish tacos using a lot of species and cobia. 

Lastly, you assemble everything and then top it with some cabbage as well as cilantro. You can use homemade tacos or store-bought corn tacos. 

8. Grilled Cobia Salad With Corn And Watermelon

A decent flavored salad recipe exclusively for all the gym freaks. You might love the subtle flavors as well as the unique combination of colors used in the recipe. 

Grilled Cobia salad with corn and watermelon involves grilling the cobia seasoned with salt and pepper. Once done, mix it with corn, watermelon, and cilantro. 

Pour lemon juice and olive oil mixture on the top. Give everything a good toss, and then sprinkle some kosher salt in the end. Relish this easy-to-make recipe. 

9. Cobia With Mango Salsa

If you have a sweet tooth, then this cobia with mango salsa is the right blend of savory and sweetness. The cobia is paired with a mango salsa prepared from minimal ingredients. 

It’s a great starter or brunch recipe for your gatherings. This cobia recipe involves cooking the cobia with a bunch of spices like garlic, pepper, and salt. On the other hand, the mango salsa is prepared by mixing mango, jalapeños, onions, and salt. 

Once the cobia is cooked, top it with mango salsa. Garnish it with cilantro and savor this delectable delicacy. 

10. Fire And Ice Cobia Ceviche

I know the name might sound a little intimidating, but the recipe is to die for. The fire and ice cobia ceviche is luxurious by name and taste. You will fall in love with the preparation of this meal. 

The main preparations involve making the cobia ceviche and the Asian pear granita. The granita is made using Asian pears, simple syrup, ginger, and white soy. While the cobia ceviche involves marinating cobia with red onions, jalapeños, salt, and chives. 

Once done, place the crushed granita on a cold plate. Put the ceviche on top and garnish it with parsley. 

11. Blackened Cobia

A minimal-ingredient recipe that is beginner-friendly. On days when I don’t feel like cooking anything, I go for this recipe. It’s easiest to make, and any person can customize the recipe as per their choice. 

Even if you don’t know cooking, this doesn’t require many skills. In a bowl, you combine all your spices, like salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Dip the cobia into the spices and then cook it. 

Cook the cobia for 3–4 minutes on each side. Then drizzle some butter on the top. Serve it with a mint sauce and savor the recipe. 

12. Deep-Fried Cobia Fish

I say this thing every time even though deep-fried recipes are unhealthy, they taste amazing. Once in a while, you can relish the goodness of a fried meal.

This cobia recipe starts by baking the cobia and then marinating it into a batter prepared from flour, thyme, and spices. Once done, fry the cobia fish until it turns golden in color. 

Relish the goodness of the deep-fried cobia fish. Squeeze some lemon on the top and then enjoy with your favorite sauce or dip. 

13. Cobia Escabeche

Cobia Escabeche is a flavorsome dish prepared from a host of spices, sauces, and veggies. The name might not reveal the recipe, but it certainly tells you that this is something you must try out. 

A unique recipe that has a lot of flavors due to garlic, fresh herbs, tomatoes, and spices like pepper and vinegar. The cobia is cooked in the spice mixture, and then once it’s baked, the fish is topped with tomato mixture. 

Garnish cobia with fresh parsley and serve it hot. The flavors are tangy and smooth, allowing the fish to melt in your mouth. 

14. Easy Mediterranean Baked Fish

An easy recipe for all the Mediterranean cuisine lovers out there. If you like making flavorful fish but don’t have the right ingredients, don’t worry. This recipe is made from basic ingredients and is healthy. 

The fish is placed in a baking dish with tomatoes and artichokes. It’s then seasoned with vinaigrette and baked for 15–20 minutes. 

Once done, the cobia is topped with feta cheese to add more flavor. This easy, subtle, yet classic recipe makes for the perfect brunch. 

15. Jerked Cobia With Pineapple Chutney

An exclusive recipe that involves pineapple chutney. You know, the more you experiment, the more you enjoy different flavors. I never knew that cobia served with pineapple chutney could taste amazing. 

The cobia is marinated with ingredients like rum, soy sauce, and fish sauce. It is then baked for 30 mins. You can meanwhile prepare the pineapple chutney by combining pineapple, vinegar, brown sugar, and peppers. 

Strain the liquid and store it in a container. Once your fish is ready, top it with this pineapple chutney. Garnish with cilantro and serve it hot. 

16. Cobia Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is an incredible combination recipe that is popular across the globe. I try to make it with different fish varieties, and this time it’s cobia fish. 

I start by coating my cobia in flour, eggs, and a mixture of crushed cornflakes and breadcrumbs. The last coating is for that extra crunch when the fish is fried in oil. Once done, you can make your potato chips along with fried vegetables. 

A special yogurt dip made of Greek yogurt, salt, lemon and mint is paired with this delicious combo of Cobia fish and chips. 

17. Bacon-Wrapped Cobia Fillets

Bacon is a good source of protein, and these bacon-wrapped cobia fillets amplify the protein content. When wrapped around these fillets, the bacon strips add an extra crunch to the dish. 

The recipe also incorporates cooking the onions until they are caramelized. These caramelized onions are placed with bacon-wrapped cobia fillets and arugula. 

Make sure you season the fillets well if you want an extra spice hit, and then wrap bacon strips around it. Don’t burn the strips; use a toothpick to hold the fillets, if required. 

18. Pan-Seared Cobia With A Caper And Saffron Reduction

As complex as the name sounds, the recipe is quite easy to make. You won’t require much time to pan-sear the cobia and make the caper and saffron mixture. 

Cook your cobia for around four minutes on each side. Prepare the caper and saffron reduction by adding butter, garlic, broth, and salt to a skillet. Stir in lemon zest as well as saffron once the liquid reduces. 

Now, place your cobia on top of rice or mashed potatoes. Top it with capers and saffron reduction. You can further season your meal if you like more spicy food. 

19. Cobia With Blackberry Pan Sauce Recipe

This beautiful cobia recipe has a sauce that shines throughout the preparation process. You can’t resist looking at the blackberry sauce. 

The process starts by seasoning the cobia, coating with flour and then cooking it. Once done, the blackberry sauce is prepared by mixing brown sugar, blackberries, vinegar, lemon juice, and salt. After the sugar melts, turn off the gas. 

Serve your cobia with this blackberry pan sauce. Top it with some lemon zest and pair it with veggies to complete the meal. 

20. Sear-Roasted Cobia With Herb Butter

Herbs butter can make any dish flavorful. You can add to your garlic bread or your meat. This sear roasted cobia with herb butter is a delicacy that makes for a great dinner meal. 

The herb butter is prepared by mixing butter, lemon juice, salt, pepper, chopped sage and thyme. Cook your fish in a pan and then transfer it to a baking dish. Top your fish with compound butter. 

Once the cobia is cooked, squeeze some lemon juice on top and enjoy this appetizing delicacy.

Wrapping Up

Cobia recipes are your savor because they are super easy to make, and the preparation process requires minimal ingredients. Due to the softness of the fish, the meat takes in all the spices and flavors used in the recipe to give a lip-smacking meal. If you thought these 20 recipes were all I have, you are wrong, my friend. One secret recipe from my personal kitchen is a gift for you all.

pan roasted cobia with double basil pesto

Pan Roasted Cobia with Double Basil Pesto

Who loves good pesto pasta? I am obsessed with good pesto pasta, so I made a fusion recipe of our good cobia paired with double basil pesto. Trust me, the flavors of this presto are going to leave you stunned. It would certainly be your go-to recipe. Just follow the instructions given below and dive into a world of goodness!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 540.2 kcal


  • Oven
  • Akillet
  • Blender


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 4 cobia steaks
  • Salt
  • pepper
  • 1 lemon (zest)
  • 2 cups sweet basil
  • 1 cup Thai basil
  • ¼ cup chives
  • ¼ cup parsley
  • ¼ cup pistachios (toasted)
  • 1 lemon (for juice)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 pinch red pepper flakes
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ½ cup Parmesan cheese


  • Have a 400 degrees oven ready. Warm up a big pan over medium heat. Put in two tablespoons of oil and heat it until it shimmers.
  • Salt and pepper both sides of the fish. Cook fish over high heat.
  • After two to three minutes, give one of the steaks a gentle poke to see if it releases from the pan, and flip the steaks over if it does.
  • Depending on the thickness of your steaks, bake the pan in a preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, in a blender or food processor, combine all the herbs, lemon juice and zest, almonds, garlic, red pepper, and a touch of salt and pepper.
  • Use the pulse function to finely chop the herbs, and then slowly add the oil until you get a thick sauce. Add to a serving plate.
  • Season to taste with additional salt, pepper, or lemon juice.
  • Transfer fish to a serving platter and top with lemon zest and juice. Dress with pesto.


Nutritional Info:
Fat 391g | Total Fat 43.5g | Saturated Fat 7.3g | Cholesterol 79mg | Sodium 66.1mg | Total Carbohydrate 6.6g | Dietary Fiber 2.4g | Sugars 1.5g | Protein 32.6g
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