How to Store Rice Long-Term? Discuss the Perfect Ways to Store Rice for Long Term

how to store rice long term

I have also faced a similar kind of problem and asked the same question. Last summer, my leftover rice often went bad. I feel terrible and can’t understand what I should do. Then I searched online and found some fantastic ideas about rice storage. You will be amazed to know that you can store your rice for more than 30 years! Wasting food is not suitable for sure.

There are some basic ideas that you need to know to extend the shelf life of your stored rice. 

Does Rice Go Bad?

Yes, rice will go bad if you store it near a high-heated area. 

Like other dry ingredients, it will go bad and mostly may be attacked by harmful worms. Rice can lose its original moisture, texture, and taste and become spongy and moldy quickly if it absorbs too much wet from the air. So, it is not suggested to store rice in extreme hot or cold storage.

How Long Can Rice Last?

As I previously mentioned, rice storage length often depends on their variety. For example-

You will wonder why rice may last for more than 2 eras if stored properly! Usually, white rice lasts for 5 years after storage. On the other hand, brown rice lasts for around 6 months to one year. Even the storage period depends entirely on the storage process, environment, and maintenance.  

Best Ways to Store Rice

 You can follow the following methods for storing your rice appropriately.

Way 1:  Use Air-Tight Container


  • use airtight containers to store rice in the pantry
  • store the containers with rice in a dark, cool, and dry place
  • white rice remains fresh for 4 years
  • brown rice remains unaffected for nearly 8 months to one year
  • heat causes damage 

You can use airtight containers to store rice in the pantry. Usually, insects can’t go through an airtight container, and the moisture becomes locked within the rice. Store the containers with rice in a dark, cool, and dry place because heat can reduce the shelf life of stored rice.

Generally, white rice remains fresh for 4 years, and brown rice remains unaffected for nearly 8 months to one year. Remember, heat causes damage to your preserved rice.

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Way 2: Freeze the Rice

  • not the best way to freeze rice
  • you can freeze rice to remove bugs or insects from the rice

Usually, it is not the best way to freeze rice or other dry food items. It remains fine outside on the shelf usually. So, I am not recommending storing rice in the freezer.

Though you can freeze rice to remove bugs or insects from rice, we usually keep the rice in the sunlight for hours, and the insects go away, or you can use a microwave for it.

Way 3: Vacuum Sealing – Rice  


  • vacuum–seal rice to extend its shelf life
  • not too beneficial for brown rice
  • sealer bags are not fully airtight
  • can’t prevent air from coming inside

You can also vacuum–seal rice to extend its shelf life. But it is not too beneficial for brown rice. Vacuum sealer bags are not fully airtight. So, it can’t prevent air from coming inside. A container is a more appropriate option to store rice than vacuum-sealing bags.

Though I do not recommend it, why am I discussing it? Because I find that many people and different websites recommend vacuum–sealing bags to store rice. That’s why I am talking about it here.

Way 4: Add Oxygen Absorbers in Containers


  • easiest ways is to put them in a container
  • add oxygen absorbers to it
  • will remain safe from insect eggs

To store rice, you know that one of the easiest ways is to put them in a container. But you can also add oxygen absorbers to it. What will the oxygen absorber do? It will create oxidation, and the rice will last longer. Besides, the rice will remain safe from insect eggs.

You can purchase and see reviews of oxygen absorber packets from the link below-

Way 5: Use Mylar Bags


  • it prevents air from coming inside
  • duration of your rice preservation will be longer. 

You can use mylar bags too to store rice. Because it prevents air from coming inside, and the duration of your rice preservation will be longer. 

Find out popular rice recipes below. You will love to try them.

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What is the simplest way of cooking rice? Watch below-

What Are Rice Bugs?

  • Rice bugs are kinds of insects’ eggs. 

Gradually, the eggs hatch and become adults and spread all over the rice. If they are limited in number, they can be separated through heat. Alternatively, you can freeze or microwave the rice before storing them for the long term.

How to Store Bulk Rice

Tips to follow when storing bulk rice-

  1. Divide rice into smaller portions
  2. Put the divided rice either in a sealed bag or in a clean container
  3. You can also use bay leaves to store bulk rice
  4. Never store a lot of rice together
  5. Use the Japanese way of storing bulk rice by keeping red peppers (hot and dry) to keep bugs away
  6. You can freeze the bulk rice to keep rice bugs out. It naturally dried the rice and locked the inner moisture inside.

Can You Store Uncooked Rice?

For uncooked rice, 

  • you can store them in your kitchen or storeroom

Remember, keep it away from the stove. Sometimes check the rice and if there are bugs, dry them in the sunlight. Choose a darker place and proper size container to store uncooked rice.

Be careful about water. Uncooked rice should be kept away from water. Otherwise, they will absorb the water and become soft and lose their original shape and texture.

Can you store uncooked rice in the fridge? Yes, you can freeze uncooked rice to remove bugs. 

Should You Freeze Rice Before Long Term Storage?

Freezing rice is effective in that sense, it kills bug eggs from rice and other grains, and the duration of storage becomes longer. However, weevil eggs may survive in deep-frozen temperatures. In that case, freezing will not be that helpful.

Like other dry foods and grocery items, rice also absorbs moisture, and when you bring it out from the freeze, it may lose its original texture after becoming normal. So, an open, cool, dry place with enough ventilation is preferred for storing rice.

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Are you enjoying reading this article? If yes, that’s great. We started the article focusing on how to store rice for the long term, Remember? Now, we will examine the nutritional elements of rice. Let’s look at some advantages of rice.

Advantages of Rice

Our body needs a minimum amount of carbohydrates to work and move for the whole day. Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates, glucose, and calories, giving us energy and stamina. Generally, one cup of rice contains 716 calories.

Besides, any curry or dish seems okay with rice. It does not need so much effort to cook and serve rice. But harvesting raw rice is not so expensive. It requires very hard work to grow; many people like farmers, dealers, sellers, and shopkeepers are associated with the rice business.

How to Store Cooked Rice?

What to do with leftover cooked rice? How to store cooked rice properly? There are some main ways to keep cooked rice.

1. If you cook rice in a rice cooker, you can keep them warm. It will not spoil at least for 24 hours

2.  You can store it at room temperature keeping the AC or fan on. But when the electricity goes on, the cooked rice may spoil at room temperature

3. You can store cooked rice in the refrigerator by putting them in a box or freeze-proof container

4. You can also store leftover cooked rice in the freezer

5. Rice vinegar is used in storing rice to prevent the rice from sticking


Is rice forbidden for Weight loss?

No, you can eat rice but in a limited amount. You can use measuring cups to calculate the amount of rice.

Can I eat rice if I am on a diet?

Yes, you can. Diet does not mean cutting off rice and other carbohydrate-based foods from your list. Instead, diet plans suggest eating every type of food but in the proper amount.

It is our misconception that diet means eating less or stopping eating carbohydrates. You can eat rice but maintain a certain amount, and a proper diet chart is mandatory.

Does rice increase weight?

Eating a large amount of food can increase your body weight. It could be any kind of food like- fast food, soft drinks, fried food, ice cream, and others. Similarly, if you eat rice without any measurement, it may increase your body weight.

Can I eat rice three times a day?

According to doctors, no. They usually suggest eating rice once a day. But you can eat twice but not more than that. And remember to maintain the amount of rice every day.


Rice is a popular and most- typical food in Asian countries. People love to eat rice, but the process of rice cooking differs from one country to another. We also see different variants of rice in the market. The storage process is different for each type of rice. But you have to maintain specific rules and be careful while storing rice.

That’s all for today. I hope you will find this article helpful. Thank you.

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