Foods That Start With L

Foods That Start With L

If I asked you to list at least 10 foods that start with L, would you get them right? What about the main course and dessert foods?  Believe it or not, there are other foods that start with L apart from lasagna!

If you think there aren’t many foods that begin with L, think again. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of foods that start with L, so you don’t have to! Keep reading to discover new food items that start with L!

Everyday Foods That Start With L

Ever wondered how many popular foods beginning with the letter L do you know? Well, your search ends here. Check out these everyday foods beginning with the letter L!

  • Lima beans

Lima bean, or Madagascar beans, is a legume that is grown for its edible seeds. These seeds are called lima beans and get their name from the capital of Peru, Lima. Lima beans are high in cholesterol-lowering fibers and help lower blood sugar levels. They’re potentially a great fat-free meal and are high protein.

  • Lime Juice

Lime juice, or limeade, can be freshly squeezed from the lime fruit, or bought in a packaged container. Limeade tends to have a stronger acidic flavor and a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is high in vitamin C.

  • Lollipop

A lollipop is a variety of hard sugar candy that is staged on a stick and intended for sucking or licking. It comes in many fruit and chocolate flavors, and is a fan-favorite among kids!

  • Lard

Lard is the result of rendering pig fat from the fattiest portions of the pig (usually the stomach). It is a whitish semi-solid highly saturated fat that is often used in cooking and baking items like pie crusts and stews. 

  • Latte

Cafe Latte is a type of coffee drink that is prepared using steamed milk and coffee. Latte is also famous for latte art, which is made by pouring microform over espresso coffee.

  • Licorice

Growing up, the only thing licorice meant for me was the flavorful licorice candy. And believe me, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out that licorice is a flowering plant, whose beans and roots are what exhibit the famous flavor. 

The Licorice roots contain glycyrrhizic acid, which can be extracted for the sweet aromatic flavor. They’re also used in medicine and to treat ailments like acid reflux and heartburn.

  • Limburger

Limburger is a type of cheese that is native to Limburg, Belgium since the 15th century. This cheese is especially known for its strong smell which is caused by the bacteria they use to ferment it (this is the same bacteria found in human skin, and responsible for body odor!). It is known by the modern European market as the ‘Herve’ cheese.

  • Loaf

A loaf is typically a round or oblong-shaped mass of food, usually of bread. Loaves are also commonly baked in a rectangular bread pan, also called ‘loaf pans’. The word ‘loaf’ is generally used to refer to pieces of bread like rye bread, cornbread, sourdough bread, etc.

  • Lentils

Lentils are a type of edible legumes. They grow in pods and are incredibly high in protein and fibers. You can boil them or directly add them to your soups and curries. Lentils have a very low cost, making them an affordable source of protein for everyone.

Lentils come in a variety of colors, including green, black, yellow, brown, and red lentils. And more than 50% of the world’s lentil production is carried out in India and China alone. 

Fruits And Vegetables That Start With L

Can you list 5 vegetables beginning with L? What about fruit varieties and other foods that start with the letter L? If you can’t, keep reading to find out.

  • Lady Finger

Ladyfinger is none other than the vegetable Okra. Ladyfingers are green in color and get their name from the fact that they slightly resemble a human finger. Okra is famously known for its slightly sticky flesh, which is often the reason why some people are not a fan of the vegetable. 

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  • Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a lemon-scented herb that is closely related to mint. Lemon Balm has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes. It is said to have positive effects on mood and boosting cognitive functions, and helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Lemon balm extract is also used as a flavoring in foods and beverages.

  • Leaf Lettuce

Leaf lettuce belongs to the daisy family of ‘Asteraceae’. The leaves of the lettuce plant are most used in salads, but also for wraps and sandwiches. The major difference between leaf lettuce and other types of lettuce is that unlike other types of lettuce, loose-leaf lettuce grows bulb leaves on a stem instead of a head.

Lotus Root
  • Lotus Root

When I asked you to name food items beginning with L, did you ever think of lotus root? And to be honest, I didn’t too! Growing up, I always heard how beneficial and useful lotus can be in our day-to-day life. But it never struck me that lotus roots could make for such a great side dish!

Lotus roots are very similar to Zicama in texture, although they need to be cooked before you can consume them. You can stir-fry them, boil them with a little vinegar, or just add them to curries.

  • Lady Apple

The Lady Apple, also known as the Wax apple or the Christmas apple, is a type of apple fruit that is primarily used for decorative purposes. It has thin, shiny skin and is pale green, with blushed colorful patches of crimson red.

Lady Apples have a very unique sweet-tart taste.

  • Lemons

Another one of foods beginning with L, lemons are an all-time favorite with kids and adults alike. As a kid, there was nothing better than a fresh glass of lemonade after a day’s playtime. And, as an adult, my kitchen is incomplete without lemons. 

Whether I’m making lemonade out of lemon juice, or whether I’m simply using it to season my salads, meals feel incomplete without a dash of lemon juice! Not to mention that this fruit is high in all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and is great for your immune system!

  • Lovage

Lovage is a native-European plant whose leaves grow in a beautiful rosette green form. It is often used in fish and poultry recipes and tastes very similar to celery with hints of parsley. Lovage also has several health benefits like pain relief, prevention of kidney stones, etc.

  • Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a herb that originally grew in Sri Lanka and South India but soon grew in popularity worldwide. It is often used in marinades, stir-fries, curries, chutneys, and stews. It has high medicinal properties and provides a great, fresh flavor.

  • Leechee

When I think of the letter L, I think of lychee fruit.

Leechee, or Lychee, is a tropical tree that is native to southeastern China. The Lychee fruit has bumpy red skin, a white translucent flesh that is very juicy and sweet to taste. The distinctive flavor of the lychee fruit is also popularly seen in many jams, jellies, and candies.

Foods That Start With L: Main Course And Side Dishes

  • Lasagna

For all the Italian food enthusiasts out there (including me!), the letter L is synonymous with the beautiful dish of lasagna. Did you know that the flat noodles of lasagna are possibly the oldest pasta in the world? 

Out of the many lasagna recipes I have tried, this Easy homemade lasagna recipe stands out the most.

And while I may be the biggest lasagna enthusiast you may ever find (even if you search the whole world), I have got to give credit to this brilliant Vegan spinach and mushroom lasagna. Trust me, this lasagna tastes even better than most others I’ve tried!

  • Linguine

Linguine is another type of pasta that is similar to fettuccine, but rounder in shape rather than flat. It is wider than most spaghetti noodles and is commonly paired with pesto, alfredo, or tomato sauce. I like to pair them in this Linguine with Shrimp Scampi recipe. 

  • Liver

The Liver of animals like pigs, chickens, lambs, cows, ox, and goose is commonly used in many recipes. The liver is often fried, baked, or stir-fried with other spices and seasonings as a side dish.

  • Lamb

Lamb is the market name for mutton and is usually extracted from domestic sheep. Generally, lamb meat is called ‘lamb’, while the meat of older sheep is called mutton. It is lean, red meat that goes beautifully with stews and curries, even pies! 

Lamb chops are pieces of meat cut from the ribs and shoulders of the sheep and are usually grilled or smoked over a fire for a barbeque-like taste.

  • Lobster

The Lobster is a species of large marine crustaceans that are fished for use in many seafood dishes. Did you know that lobster was initially a poor man’s meal? They were in so much abundance that you could buy a lobster at a very very cheap price!

If you’re wondering how lobster went from costing super cheap money to being a delicacy, the answer is industrial canned foods. The introduction of canned lobsters led more and more people to fish for fresh lobsters, thus increasing their demand.

  • Liverwurst

Liverwurst is a kind of sausage that is made from the liver of animals. It is popular in many parts of Europe and America. These liver sausages are spiced with black pepper, cumin, thyme,  and salt. They also contain meat, fatty tissues (saturated fats), and onions, cheese, or garlic.

  • Lo mein

Lo mein is a popular Chinese dish that uses ramen that is made up of eggs. It usually contains vegetables, some type of meat (like pork meat or beef meat), or even seafood like lobster or shrimps. 

  • Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a popular North Indian meal that consists of whole wheat dough balls that are stuffed with gram lentils flour and spices, and then served with a mashed relish of eggplants, potatoes, or tomatoes.

  • Latkes

A latke (or ‘latka’) is a type of potato pancake that belongs to Jewish cuisine. This potato pancake is prepared by binding grated potato together with eggs or applesauce and flavored with garlic and onions. These pancakes are then shallow-fried and served with sour cream or cottage cheese.

Foods That Start With L: Desserts

  • Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie is a delicious dessert pie that features a shortened pastry, a lemon custard filling topped with meringue. It is one of my absolute favorite desserts in the world. If you wish to try it too, this ones my top recommended recipe.

  • Leche flan

We can’t talk about foods beginning with L without talking about Leche Flan now, can we? I can tell you one thing for sure, out of the list of desserts beginning with the letter L, Leche Flan tops it.

Leche flan is what we call caramel custard. It is different from crème brûlée, which has a hard caramelized brown sugar layer on top. Leche flan has a velvety texture, a smooth sweet taste, and is topped with creamy caramel sauce.

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  • Liqueur

A liqueur is an alcoholic drink with additional flavorings such as sugar, vanilla, coffee, fruits, herbs, and spices. It is typically served with desserts or ice cream and is un-aged.

  • Limber

Out of all the international desserts I have tried, Limber remains on my list of favorite foods. You could call it the Puerto Rican ice cream.

Traditionally, Limber was just a mixture of fruit juice and water that had been frozen into a slurry. It came in many fruit flavors like guava, coconuts, apple, grapes, etc. Today, however, you can also make milk limbers (which is a mixture of condensed milk and fruits). 

Final Thoughts

I bet you didn’t know so many foods begin with the letter L! But now that you know, there is a world of recipes waiting for you to try. Feel free to try your hands at some of the recipes linked in our article.

And do not forget to test your friends and colleagues! Ask them about foods beginning with the letter L, and flaunt your knowledge!

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