20 Ring Bologna Recipes You Can’t Go Wrong With

Ring Bologna Recipes

Do you know why most people prefer ring bologna over other fancy sausages? Let me be of assistance.

Ring bologna is a versatile pre-cooked sausage: you can fry it, grill it, bake it, boil it, or microwave it, and it complements most meals and can be eaten on its own.

However, they are people’s favorite sausages because they are budget-friendly. 

Wondering how to shift from expensive sausages to this one? Well, here are the top 20 Ring Bologna Recipes.

From salads to casseroles, I’ve collected some of the best ring bologna recipes that will sort out all your sausage troubles!

So get set cooking. 

1. Ring Bologna with Sauerkraut

The first in the list of Ring Bologna Recipes is Ring Bologna with Sauerkraut because it is the best combination.

For those new to Sauerkraut: It is a fermented cabbage dish with a tart flavor, and its taste is why it pairs well with ring bologna.

Most of all, as Ring Bologna is a processed food, it’s better to pair it up with food that has nutrients. That is why Sauerkraut is a good choice. 

It is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and because it is fermented, it encourages the growth of helpful microorganisms that are essential for digestive health.

2. French Poodles

Have you been eating a corndog since childhood? Why don’t you try Ring Bologna French Poodles this time? 

I bet you will forget corndogs and will be making French Poodles for the rest of your life. Wondering why you should part with your corndogs? 

It is because French Poodles are tastier and more flavorful due to the higher meat-to-crust ratio on them than corndogs.

Furthermore, French Poodles look more appealing than corndogs, as you can present them as puppies and momma poodles.  

Just be creative and give your best shot to enhance the fun factor! You can serve this little family of dogs with American sauce and mustard. 

Pro Tip: On Barbecue night, serve French Poodles with french fries and soda and impress your guests. 

3. Ring Bologna with Potatoes and Onions

Ring Bologna with a vegetable is a combo made in heaven! 

Being a source of protein and carbohydrates, eating vegetables with processed food helps to minimize the adverse effects of eating processed food. 

So, here I am with a not-so-unhealthy ring bologna recipe: the ring bologna with potatoes and onions.

Even my kids never say no to ring bologna, fried russet potatoes, and onion. Therefore I love to serve this hearty meal every other weekend. 

Another reason why I adore this dish is that it only needs a few ingredients to get ready within minutes. 

4. Ring Bologna and Beans

Enjoy a hearty supper in less than 30 minutes with this wonderful Ring bologna and Beans recipe! 

It is my favorite in the list of ring bologna recipes because it is flavorful for something so simple, and it’s ideal for a quick evening meal.

As rapid as it sounds, it is also an effortless dish to make, and with beans being the quality source of plant protein and fiber, they are full of nutrients. 

So, whenever you are in a hurry and want to feed protein-rich tasty food to the kids, bake baked beans, onion, and ring bologna and set the table within 30 minutes.

5. Grilled Bologna And Pimento Cheese Sliders

Although we are not Italian, ring bologna sandwiches have been our dinner staple on every other occasion. 

One of my favorite memory is of my mother making these scrumptious Grilled Bologna And Pimento Cheese Sliders for Sunday brunch. 

I can still feel that taste in my mouth. 

However, whenever I try to follow the same recipe, my grilled bologna and pimento cheese sliders never taste the same. 

Therefore, they say that mothers are the best cook, and so is the mother of children’s mother. 

6. Hearty Sausage And Corn Chowder

Check out this ring bologna corn chowder recipe for simple comfort food that requires little work but tastes fantastic. 

The Hearty Sausage and Corn Chowder meal has become my winter special after I tried it one time at home. 

Even your kids are going to love it because this hot chowder looks mouth-watering and is full of different flavors. 

Just a handful of ingredients and the whole meal is ready within a few minutes – all the more reason to make this dish. 

7. Polish Sausage And Bologna Skewers

Here I am, ramping up my sausage game with two of my classic favorites!

Polish sausage and bologna – two types of meat I might not normally combine, but for this recipe, they work well. So, who am I to object? 

Remember to soak the skewers for two hours for this recipe and cut your Polish sausage and bologna into thin slices; otherwise, they will taste chewy. 

Assemble the skewers and grill until each side turns brown and fully cooked. Place the ready skewers in the bun with cheese slices of your choice. 

While pinching the bun, take out the skewer gently. Top it up with the sauerkraut and mustard to add more flavor. 

8. Grilled Vegetable and Ring Bologna Kebabs

It’s summer here, so it’s grill time! 

And as I said earlier, the combo of veggies and ring bologna is unbeatable. Therefore, I am here with another such recipe. 

However, this time the meal is going to be more enriching as in this recipe, we are going to grill the veggies instead of frying them. 

For this recipe, you will need one packet of ring bologna, softened butter, and a spicy meat rub aside from the vegetables of your choice. 

I end up with white and red onion, green and orange bell peppers, and baby mushrooms. These veggies look and taste great with the sausages. 

9. Omi’s Wurstsalat

With the weather rapidly changing from sunny to windy, I’ve shifted my focus from getting creative on the grill to getting creative in the kitchen! 

So, let’s make a fancy salad, the Omi’s Wurstsalat! 

Hey! Don’t get intimidated by the name. It’s German for Grandmother’s Sausage Salad. It includes ring strips of bologna, tomatoes, red peppers, onion, and cheddar cubes.

As for seasoning, I use red vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper. You can get creative if you want. 

This German Bologna Salad is perfect for summer barbecues, picnics, or get-togethers. It’s also a great no-fuss anytime dinner, snack, or side dish!  

You don’t have to believe me; test it for yourself!

10. Ring Bologna Hotdish

Are you looking forward to making a quick and easy meal? 

Go for this wonderful casserole dish that uses simple ingredients and gets ready swiftly, Ring Bologna Hotdish.

With a light foundation of cream of mushroom soup and milk, it’s paired with creamed corn, egg noodles, and bologna to make a delectable dish.

The ring bologna in this hot dish is delicious, and because it is fully cooked and ready to go in the sauce, it makes this hotdish recipe very easy to create.

Oh yes, it is a terrific meal to make on those busy weekdays!

With its delicious flavor, this wonderful dish is soon going to be your favorite ring bologna meal!

11. Sausage Skillet Supper

It is time for me to offer a recipe near and dear to my heart. My family has been making it for decades. It is called the sausage skillet supper. 

If you have time on hand and a packet of ring bologna at home, this hearty vegetable and sausage meal should become your today’s agenda. 

Believe me, it’s so flavorful and filling that you will not need any side dish with this sausage skillet supper. 

And no, you do not need a lot of ingredients or veggies to make this meal. Potatoes, onions, peppers, and broccoli flowerets are the vegetables you will need besides ring bologna. 

The cheese that goes best in this dish is processed American cheese. 

12. Cherry Pineapple Bologna

The ingredients are so different and shouldn’t work together so well, yet they do! 

I have been sharing vegetables and bologna recipes so far. Now, it’s time to share a totally different yet still flavorful recipe. 

The Cherry Pineapple Bologna recipe is to die for. The flavors this fruit plus sausage recipe embarks on are sweet, sour, and meaty. 

This vintage recipe comes to us from the pages of The Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library. 

You get to try this recipe once to believe that fruits can taste great with meat, especially pineapples. 

13. Fried Ring Bologna

I am delighted to share my kid’s all-time favorite bologna recipe: the Fried Ring Bologna. 

Make this tasty fried food today if you have got kids or otherwise borrow your neighbor’s kid. Oh! Yes, a Fried Ring Bologna is ideal for both snacking on and as a side dish.

To make it, just remove the casing from it and cook it on a skillet till it crisps up.

Next, get some crackers or your favorite thing to munch on. Finally, serve with your favorite sauce and prepare for ultimate satisfaction.

14. Barbecued Baloney

While discovering different interesting Ring Bologna Recipes, how can we forget Barbecued Baloney? 

You will instantly fall in love with this fantastic barbequed baloney bursting with delicious flavors!

For this recipe, simply smear the mustard sauce on the bologna. Next, season it with BBQ seasoning generously before frying the meat.

Later, shower it with BBQ sauce and allow it to absorb that sticky glaze before presenting it with your favorite side dishes for a full dining experience!

You’ll want to try this recipe on your next bbq and grill session because it’s so simple to make!

15. Bavarian Sausage Salad With Cheese

This one is a beer garden dish that is a crowd-pleaser. It is simple to make with sliced ring bologna, a string of cheese, and pickles. 

The great thing about this salad is that you can make it beforehand. It is perfect for making a day before when you have to host a huge dinner and are short on time. 

Also, although it is a cheese salad, you can skip the cheese if you do not like the taste of it or want to keep an eye on your weight. 

Vinegar, sunflower oil, brine, salt, and peppers are the dressing that gives flavor to this incredibly flavorful Bavarian Sausage Salad with Cheese. 

16. Cabbage, Ring Bologna, And Potatoes

It looks like I have become a die-hard fan of vegetables and the ring bologna combination. You have to try these recipes to understand where I am coming from. 

The Cabbage, Ring Bologna and Potatoes are another wholesome meal for your sunny afternoon or weekend brunch.  

The fantastic news is even your kids can make this meal. You just need a skillet and a couple of ingredients that you have to saute and fry, and you are good to go or serve or whatever. 

Serve this comfort food with pretzel bread or a rustic sourdough loaf for the ultimate Ring Bologna winter feast experience.

17. Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts And Ring Bologna

Brussel Sprouts and Ring Bologna….Wow! What a combo. 

For this recipe, you have options for bologna, like beef or Turkey bologna. The thing that is the star of this recipe is its sauce. 

I make the sauce for this recipe by combining maple syrup and Dorothy Lynch Dressing & Condiment, which you can easily fetch from a nearby store or Walmart. 

Soggy Brussels sprouts are a BIG no! Therefore, avoid this recipe blunder by Not overcrowding the pan. This contributes to crispy, toasted edges.

If your baking sheet is too small, divide the Brussels sprouts into two batches and bake them on separate baking sheets.

18. Crockpot Ring Bologna And Potato Casserole

The Crockpot Ring Bologna and Potato Casserole are the next in line for the best Ring Bologna Recipes. 

I suggest you make this easy crockpot recipe when you are looking to make something for a stress-free lunch that’s delicious and delectable too. 

You will need ring bologna sausage, onion, hash browns, cheese with cream of chicken, sour cream, and milk to create an outstanding meal.

What I like most is you just have to put everything in the crockpot and leave it to cook while you go about your day.

Isn’t that helpful when you have a lot to do in such a short time?

19. Ring Bologna and Sweet Corn Fried Rice

What goes around comes around, and whatever goes in the fried rice just tastes perfect! 

Just Kidding! But to date, whatever I have tossed in fried rice has never disappointed me, maybe except for my ring that accidentally fell into the rice that one time. 

Jokes apart! If you like to be creative while making sweet corn-fried rice, add ring bologna to the list of ingredients and see the flavor it creates. 

Try it and let me know how it went in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. 

20. Pickled Bologna

Ladies! Here comes a perfect party icebreaker, none other than my kitty party favorite, the Pickled Bologna. 

I agree pickled meat sounds strange, but believe me, this one is another rare case. And boy! If you have saltine crackers, the fresh ones…..the food will be a showstopper. 

Remember, while it is easy to make, you can only enjoy the full flavors of this Pickled Bologna when you let it sit for at least a day or two in the fridge.

Otherwise, the Pickled Bologna will taste stale rather than pickley (if that is even a word) and will ruin all the fun.

bologna stew

Ring Bologna & Potato Stew

Last, but not least, I am here with one of my Grandma’s favorite Ring Bologna Recipes. Whenever you crave comfort food, try this recipe.
This recipe features ring bologna, potatoes, and meatless spaghetti sauce.
What else do you need as a hearty meal?
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Mediterranean
Calories 611 kcal


  • Knife
  • Heavy-bottomed saucepan
  • Wooden Spoon


  • 1 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1 package of ring bologna, sliced
  • 6 potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 2 jars of meatless spaghetti sauce


  • In a large-sized, heavy-bottomed saucepan, sizzle butter over medium heat.
  • Add in ring bologna slices and onion and cook for around 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add in potato chunks and cook for around 2-3 minutes.
  • Stir in the spaghetti sauce and cook until boiling.
  • Cook for around 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Enjoy hot.


Nutritional Information Per Serving:
Fat: 24.4g | Sat Fat: 8.3g | Sodium: 2075mg | Carbohydrates: 77.6g | Fiber: 5.5g | Sugar: 27g | Protein: 20.2g
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