22 Mayocoba Beans Recipes to Savor and Inspire

22 Mayocoba Beans Recipes

I dedicate today’s blog post to my late Aunt Minerva, a legume aficionado, who loved to cook with mayocoba beans.

These beans have their roots in South American cuisine, particularly in the region of Peru; hence, they are also known as Peruvian beans. They are at times confused with pinto or cannellini beans, though they are unrivaled in terms of taste and texture.

My aunt always said that mayocoba beans are a great alternative to meat because they are rich in protein and inexpensive. The beans have a creamy texture and mild taste, which makes them ideal for soups and stews.

Here are 22 mayocoba beans recipes to help you discover the full potential of this unique ingredient.

1. Instant Pot Mayocoba Beans

So let’s start with an easy-peasy pressure cooker meal. The most convenient thing about this mayocoba beans recipe is that you don’t need to soak the legumes overnight.

This recipe is ultra-basic with just a few ingredients, so you might say that it’s aiming to make the beans bask in their personal glory.

I always add a spoonful of salt to the bean water before cooking them under pressure; this helps cook them through and counteract the blandness to some extent. 

2. Mayocoba Bean and Grilled Vegetable Salad with Citrus Dressing

If Aunt Minerva was still with us today, I would’ve loved to make this mayocoba beans salad for her, and she’d be overjoyed. She frequently added lime juice or vinegar to her lentils, so the citrus dressing would surely be praised by her.

I’ve noticed that red kidney beans are widely used in salads, and that’s mostly because many people don’t know about these delicious golden legumes.

Try this mayocoba beans recipe, and you’ll be convinced that you have been missing out. I feel they’re lighter and suppler than red beans. 

3. Peruvian Beans with Roasted Romesco Sauce

When you’re close to someone who is vegan and a picky eater, putting up meals that they’ll actually like and consume with fervor is a challenge. And I’m too well aware of it.

To be honest, beans and lentils are a safe bet, but this mayocoba beans recipe is born to impress. For starters, the dish is as pretty as a picture, so don’t shy away from taking a photo before you dig in.

The romesco sauce is everything, if you ask me, and I truly enjoyed making it in my kitchen.

4. Hearty Smoked Peruvian Bean Soup

I could never say ‘no’ to a bean soup, and I don’t stop at a single serving if it’s a mayocoba bean soup. I have lost count of how many times I made this bean soup during the winter season (because it’s that good!).

This mayocoba bean recipe contains smoked ham, which can be replaced with smoked mushrooms to make it vegetarian-friendly.

The ingredients that go into the soup need to be melded together, and a stick blender is ideal for the job. However, a regular blender or food processor will do too. 

5. Baked Peruano Beans with Mexican Chorizo

This mayocoba bean recipe reminds me of a dish that my late Aunt Minerva usually made during the holiday season, so it’s quite nostalgic for me.

The main difference between this recipe and my Aunt’s version is the choice of protein; she added minced beef instead of Mexican chorizo. I recommend that you try both versions, as they are both special in their own way.

Fun Fact: Cotija is an aged cheese made from cow milk and it is named after the town of Cotija, Michoacán in Mexico.   

6. Mayocoba Beans and Radish Stir-Fry

Do you feel a subtle burning sensation on the tongue when you eat a radish raw? Do not worry because it’s only a harmless compound found in mustard too!

Mayocoba beans and radish stir-fry is a dish that incorporates several Asian aromatic spices, and that makes it divine. It contains radishes, too, in cooked form, so you won’t experience the tingling sensation.

This mayocoba beans recipe also includes fenugreek leaves that function as an excellent gut cleanser if consumed on a regular basis. 

7. Lemony Potato Soup with Mayocoba Beans

Potatoes pair nicely with almost anything, and mayocoba beans are no exception. If you like the idea of a bean and potato soup with a touch of acidity, you must try this one.

Mayocoba beans are really good at soaking up flavors, given that they don’t have an overpowering character. They produce a wholesome thick broth that easily takes on the hints of seasonings added.

This exquisite bean soup includes a bunch of dried herbs, which contribute to its robust flavor profile and irresistible fragrance. 

8. Sautéed Mayocoba Beans & Greens

Mayocoba beans and greens are a power couple that needs to grace the dining table more often. Therefore, if you are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, this dish is one you can enjoy guilt-free any time or any day.

Did you know that mayocoba beans contain soluble fiber that binds your body’s toxins and takes them away for excretion? I don’t know about you, but I think that is amazing!

The ‘greens’ in this mayocoba recipe are mainly spinach, which is packed with iron and will make you strong like Popeye. 

9. Mayocoba Bean Soup

Now it’s time for a simple slow cooker soup that shall indulge you till the last morsel. This mayocoba beans recipe is great for busy weekdays and eventful weekends.

All you need to do is soak the beans overnight and then let them simmer in the slow cooker (with six more ingredients) for about six hours while you run your errands.

This soup contains parsnips, which look and taste a lot like carrots, but have a slightly different nutritional value. They are an excellent source of potassium and help prevent kidney stones.

10. Mayocoba Beans with Green Chiles

Mayocoba beans with green chiles is an effortless yet flavorful dish that pairs beautifully with rice. You can also try this recipe with pinto beans and red chilies for variation.

Contrary to popular belief, green chiles are no less hot and spicy than the red varieties. However, they do possess an unusual bitterness that is absent in red chilies.

With this mayocoba beans recipe, it is up to you whether you keep the starchy grain water or drain it. Draining does allow you to cut back on carbs, so choose wisely. 

11. Stewed Mayocoba Beans

Here’s another delicious stew recipe that involves cooking the mayocoba beans in chicken stock. You may use vegetable stock to make it compatible with a plant-based diet.

Do you know that apart from being one of the tastiest legumes, mayocoba beans are also a sustainable crop? They actually fix nitrogen in the soil and encourage healthier agriculture by reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

To conclude, mayocoba beans are incredibly suited for a green lifestyle. Moreover, they are gluten-free and soy-free, so most people can enjoy them. 

12. Buttery Mayocoba Beans

Mayocoba beans are naturally so luscious and buttery, but it doesn’t hurt to add some extra richness by topping them with Cojita cheese.

Cojita cheese is similar to Feta in taste and texture, so you may use the latter in case the former isn’t available. The cheesy mayocoba beans work really well in tacos and quesadillas too!

You can easily freeze the leftovers of this dish and reheat them later. Freezing does not affect the flavor or quality of the beans, so they’ll be as good as new. 

13. NM-Style Taco Soup with Posole & Mayocoba Beans

This taco soup with posole and mayocoba beans represents the vibrant flavors of New Mexico. It’s a heartwarming and spicy dish that can be enjoyed all year round.

Posole, (or hominy) consists of large corn kernels that have been soaked in an alkaline solution; this gives them a distinct chewy feel and flavor that complements the mayocoba beans flawlessly.

What I admire most about this mayocoba beans recipe is that it carries an array of ingredients with contrasting flavors, which gives the soup a lot of character and depth.

14. Tacu Tacu – Peruvian Beans and Rice

If you want to connect with Peruvian cuisine, you have to try the Tacu Tacu. The presentation of this dish is as adorable as the name!

I think that making this mayocoba beans recipe at home is a smart way to repurpose leftover rice and beans! It is one of the best savory pancakes I‘ve tried to date, and there’s plenty of room for customization as well.

Your vegetarian and vegan folks will fall in love with this dish, so save it for a day you want to surprise them.

15. Peruvian Mayocoba Bean Bowl with a Roasted Pepper Sauce and Fried Plantains

The name of this dish says it all – it’s bean-centric, peppery, and nutritious. This mayocoba bean recipe also includes black beluga beans, which are high in protein, low in sodium, and gluten-free.

The bean bowl also contains the superfood ‘quinoa,’ which is an extraordinarily healthy substitute for white rice. Wait, there’s more! If you’ve had Swiss chard before, you probably know that it’s a leafy green vegetable brimming with essential minerals and vitamins.

This dish showcases a few tangy elements like apple cider vinegar and lime juice, which tend to tweak the dish as a whole. 

16. Canary Beans Curry

Indian cuisine is famous for its piquant curries that incorporate vegetables or lentils as the central ingredient. Creamy canary beans curry borrows inspiration from this colorful cuisine to win your heart and satisfy your palate.

In this mayocoba beans recipe, coconut milk forms the curry’s creamy base. Another interesting ingredient in the curry is jaggery, which is a compound derived from sugar cane; it adds a mild sweetness to the curry, making it all the more delicious.

For an authentic dining experience, I serve this curry with Indian-style rice, and it is indeed remarkable!

17. Refried Beans Recipe with Canary Beans

Here’s yet another recipe that’s reminiscent of my late aunt Minerva’s cooking. The first time I tried this mayocoba beans recipe, I was instantly transported to the good old days when my cousins and I visited Aunt Minerva during summer vacations.

I remember the big pot of stew with refried beans she always prepared to welcome the bunch of us and fill our bellies. When I say refried beans, it means that the legumes are first boiled the traditional way, and then later fried in cooking oil or lard to give them a sort of dense and crisp texture. 

18. (Canary) Bean Dip with Smoked Paprika

Have you ever made or tried a bean dip? If not, perhaps it’s time to try something new and innovative. If you’re a fan of spicy dips that pack a punch, you will definitely relish canary bean dip with smoked paprika.

Just so you know, ‘canary’ is just another name for mayocoba beans, so don’t be confused. These beans are ideal for making a dip because of their lush, creamy texture.

This bean dip is super easy to make; all you need to do is put the cooked beans in a food processor with a few basic supplementary ingredients and blend until you get a nice velvety consistency. 

19. Canary Bean Stew with Meatballs

Can you say ‘no’ to anything with meatballs? Probably not. Whether it’s meatball spaghetti, sandwich, pizza, stew, or curry, you know it’s simply irresistible.

I believe that this mayocoba beans recipe represents a fusion of North American and South American cooking. What are your thoughts on this?

The meatballs in this dish are a combination of pork and beef, but you can make it with other types of meatballs as well. I usually prefer lean meat, so I use chicken or turkey meatballs instead. 

20. Canary Beans and Pork Neck Bones Soup

In case you’re making a list of comfort soup recipes to get you through the harsh winters, do not forget to jot down the name of this mayocoba beans recipe.

This dish requires little effort, so you won’t have to spend much time in the kitchen. The recipe includes pork neck bones, which are ideal for producing a rich and flavorsome broth; they don’t add too much fat or calories either.

The carrots, onion, and celery add chunky and crunchy bits to the soup, which I fancy a lot. I also add sweet corn, green onion, and cabbage sometimes to give the soup even more substance.

21. Shredded Chicken and Mayocoba Bean Enchiladas

Are you expecting guests and looking for food ideas that are budget-friendly but impressive? Shredded chicken and mayocoba bean enchiladas are a great choice because they are crowd-pleasing, and do not require expert-level culinary skills.

To make the filling for the enchiladas, you need to mash the mayocoba beans, which can efficiently be done with a potato masher; do not puree the beans because a chunky mass works best.

I always serve these scrumptious enchiladas with a variety of sauces because each and every member of the family has a different preference.  

22. Curried Coconut Canary Beans

This recipe requires a dozen ingredients exactly, which is pretty much standard for a decent dish nowadays. If you belong to an Asian household, your pantry has you covered!

Many Indian-style legume curries make use of coconut milk or cream, but this one utilizes coconut water, so it is relatively lighter and not mushy. Believe me, it is a wonderful option for weeknight dinners when you don’t want to eat anything too heavy before retiring to bed.

My favorite component of this dish is the fresh cilantro, which is known to prevent anxiety and oxidative stress.

mayocoba beans ice cream

Mayocoba Beans Ice-cream

Are you up for a unique and unusual dessert that incorporates the creaminess and natural sweetness of mayocoba beans into a delightful frozen treat? Here’s a lovely ice cream recipe that celebrates the versatility of mayocoba beans in a sweet and unexpected way!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Freezing Time 4 hours
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 6
Calories 300 kcal


  • Blender or Food Processor
  • Ice cream maker
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Airtight Container
  • Ice Cream Scoop


  • 1 cup cooked and cooled mayocoba beans
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • ½ cup whole milk
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt
  • Toasted nuts, chocolate chips, and caramel sauce for topping (optional)


  • Cook the mayocoba beans until tender and allow them to cool.
  • Decant the mayocoba beans with the heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt in a blender or food processor.
  • Blend the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Scrape down the sides of the processor to ensure a uniform mixture.
  • It is good practice to taste the mixture and adjust the sweetness or flavorings according to your preference. For example, you can add more sugar or vanilla if desired.
  • After the mixture is well-combined, transfer it to an ice cream maker.
  • Churn the ice mixture until it reaches a soft-serve consistency. If you prefer a firmer texture, transfer the ice cream to an airtight container and let it freeze for a few hours.
  • Scoop out the mayocoba beans ice cream in bowls or cones, and decorate with your favorite toppings!


Nutritional Value (per serving):
Total Fat: 15-20g | Saturated Fat: 10-12g | Trans Fat: 0g | Cholesterol: 60-70mg | Sodium: 50-70mg | Total Carbohydrates: 25-30g | Dietary Fiber: 2-4g | Sugars: 15-20g | Protein: 4-6g
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