35 Different Ninja Creami Recipes You Can Add to Your Menus

Ninja Creami Recipes

With Ninja Creami, you can quickly whip up any delicious and healthy treats for yourself, your partner, your family, and your friends from the comfort of your kitchen. And with just a push of a button, you have flavorful, colorful, and fantastic treats just the way you desire because you are in control!

So, I have curated these 35 mouthwatering Ninja Creami recipes that you will no doubt fall in love with, but before I get into all the “juicy” details, here are a few tips to take note of when using Ninja Creami.

#1: Ensure the base is chilled between -7°F to 9°F (or -21.7°C to 12.8°C) for at least 24 hours before you start making your delicious recipes

#2: When frozen, the liquid base will surely expand, so try not to overfill the pint container.

#3: Lastly, a freezer-proof container works best if you want your gelatos, ice cream, etc., to have a firmer texture. Simply put them into the freezer-proof container and freeze them for about 4 hours!

Now that that’s out, let’s get creaming with the coolest frozen treat maker!

1. Ninja Creami Watermelon Sherbet

One of the many things I find endearing about watermelons, other than how refreshing they are, is that they are sweet but not too sweet and packs a whole lot of flavors, which makes Watermelon Sherbet the perfect Ninja Creami Recipe. All you need is your Ninja Creami, de-seeded watermelon, condensed milk, lime juice, and salt, and boom; you have yourself a rich, refreshing, and creamy sweet watermelon dessert.

I know you will love this Ninja Creami recipe just like I do because it is healthy, flavorful, scoopable, and easy to enjoy!

2. Ninja Creami Coffee Ice Cream

All coffee lovers (virtually everyone I know), get in here because I may have struck gold with this ultimate coffee treat. This is one of the Ninja Creami recipes you can indulge in without feeling guilty because you can make a few tweaks to suit your dietary style.

It is a low-carb but delicious recipe, and you can make it even more decadent with vanilla or chocolate-flavored milk.

I love my Ninja Creami coffee ice cream with the full-fat options, which is why I make mine with heavy cream, but I occasionally swap out sugar for monk fruit sweetener just so I can have less guilt, LOL!

3. Peanut Butter Oreo Milkshake

I’m sure you have had milkshakes a thousand and one times, but have you had a peanut butter Oreo milkshake before? Here is another Creami Ninja recipe that will have you doing a happy dance.

The Ninja Creami recipe combines your favorite things, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, Oreos, or any other sandwich cookie, blending them up in the Ninja Creami in minutes to give you a fantastic treat!

Again, you can make certain changes here and there to suit your dietary needs. I prefer using organic and sugar-free peanut butter for mine, but you are free to do whatever works best for you, which is why we love these Ninja Creami recipes!

4. Ninja Creami Banana Ice Cream

Okay, let us get into this wickedly good and one of the most decadent Ninja Creami recipes, the Ninja Creami banana ice cream.

This brings diversity to what you can do with your overripe banana if you prefer something other than banana-baked treats. So, if you have those overripe bananas, especially the ones with brown spots, they are perfect for this recipe, just cut them up, throw them in your magic maker, and blend them with coconut cream and any sweetener you like.

Feel free to go crazy with any mix-ins and toppings you want after they are frozen to perfection. You can always use heavy cream or half-and-half instead of coconut milk if you don’t mind dairy like me!

5. Ninja Creami The Old Goat Ice Cream

This may be one of those Ninja Creami recipes that may be a little more complex, but it is so creamy yet crunchy, unique, and devilishly yummy!

It is a fragrant recipe that combines sweet jam and lemon curs with rosemary and almonds, and the kicker is that it uses goat cheese instead of cream cheese as the base!

So, get out your Ninja Creami and get creaming because I guarantee you that this Old Goat ice cream recipe is one that you will never put your spoon down till the very last scoop. Although I prefer to sweeten mine with honey, you can make do with maple syrup if you don’t have honey. Enjoy!

6. Ninja Creami Almond Joy Ice Cream

Here is a Ninja Creami recipe that I cannot get enough of; maybe it is because it combines the flavors you would find in an almond joy.

This recipe brings your favorites together in the Ninja Creami to create a creamy almond goodness. You can never go wrong with coconut, chocolate, and almond flavors in a frozen treat!

You can also use an additional almond extract and almond milk creamer to kick the flavors up a notch, then finish up with toasted coconuts for that crunchy goodness that makes perfect sense!

7. Ninja Creami Butter Pecan Gelato

The best thing about Ninja Creami recipes is that you are in charge, and the options are limitless for what you can create in your little creamer, like this devilishly delicious Butter Pecan Gelato.

This recipe isn’t shy in richness and flavor and may become your go-to Ninja Creami frozen treat.

Although gelatos are generally sweeter than ice cream, you can swap out sugar for any other sugar replacement you want but make sure you use its equivalent in measurement. Also, you can always opt for a lower fat content milk instead of whole milk, even though the texture will not be the same.

8. Ninja Creami Strawberry Ice Cream

Yet another Ninja Creami recipe that hits all the right notes is the Ninja Creami Strawberry Ice Cream! Not only is it very easy to make, but strawberry ice cream is also very popular that will be a hit with your family and guests!

This recipe starts with a rich and creamy vanilla bean and strawberry base so that they can combine perfectly into a creamy strawberry ice cream that will have you going back for seconds shamelessly!

Feel free to adjust the sugar in this recipe to your taste or swap it out entirely with any other sugar replacement you prefer, and it will still be yummy!

9. Ninja Creami Mango Sorbet

Another way to put your Ninja Creami to work is by making a delicious Mango Sorbet, a refreshing and healthy treat with no tasking steps and ingredients you’ve probably never heard of!

And because you control what goes into your sorbet, you can use fresh mangoes instead of canned ones if you like!

The best thing about this recipe is that there are no added flavors or colors, the texture is heavenly, and it is easy to make!

10. Ninja Creami Caramel Mocha Oreo Crumble Ice Cream

If the name is anything to go by, this is one of those Ninja Creami recipes that may haunt your dreams because who doesn’t love caramel mocha and good ole’ Oreo?

This recipe is a play on your regular coffee ice cream but much creamier and with some character too!

Here it gets better: you can make it a regular kids-friendly ice cream, take out some for the kids, and add some Bailey’s and the likes for the adults on the table; trust me, it will be a hit!

11. Ninja Creami Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love Hot Chocolate? Because I do, with all my heart, which is why this is one of those Ninja Creami recipes that make perfect sense!

The best part of making this recipe is that you may not need to go shopping because the ingredients needed are most likely in your pantry as we speak!

There is always something about cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate during the holidays; now the Ninja Creami Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream takes it up several notches because it is so creamy and perfect for summer, yet reminiscent of the winter days that I love so much.

12. Easy Pitaya Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

A Ninja Creami Smoothie is always a showstopper, and this Pitaya Smoothie Bowl is no exception.

For this recipe, you need just three things, your frozen pitaya chunks (dragon fruits), pineapple juice, and your Ninja Creami to make this easy Pitaya Smoothie!

This recipe is so easy that the hardest part is freezing your mix for 24 hours, and once your smoothie is perfectly creamed, go to town with any topping of your choice, like nuts, banana slices, seeds, berries, etc.

13. Mulled Apple Cider Ice Cream

With just a push of the ‘Ice Cream’ button, you will have yourself a decadent and delicious mulled apple cider ice cream, and this recipe is guaranteed to deliver completely.

I think this recipe is the perfect guilty pleasure because it has all the good stuff: orange zest, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, ground allspice, ground cloves, vanilla extract, apple cider, butter, etc., and the aromatics are not missing as well.

So, pull out your Ninja Creami, quickly run to your pantry, and try out this amazing mulled Apple Cider Ice cream recipe; it is a winner!

14. Spiked Seltzer Sherbet Shake

What are you waiting for if you haven’t had a Spiked Seltzer Sherbet Shake before? Your Ninja Creami is the perfect companion to create this amazing treat for yourself, and it is so easy to make!

Just throw your ingredients in your Creami, select “Milkshake,” cream to perfection, and serve in a bowl; yes, it is that easy!

What I love the most about this Ninja Creami recipe, apart from being a sucker for milkshakes, is that it is instant and perfect for adults.

So, will you be trying this Ninja Creami recipe or what?

15. Ninja Creami Lemon Ice Cream

What is there not to love about all things lemony and fresh, especially when summer lurks around? Absolutely nothing! This is why this Ninja Creami Lemon Ice Cream is best for a hot summer day!

Not only is it cool and refreshing, but it is also a creamy and decadent treat that is quite satisfying, and with the Ninja Creami, you are looking at a crowd-pleaser.

As always, you do this from the comfort of your kitchen so you decide what works best for you in this recipe. You can use any lemon cookie you choose as toppings if you do not have Oreo lemon cookies!

16. Ninja Creami Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

This Ninja Creami Chocolate Ice Cream is a rich, creamy, dairy-free frozen treat that everybody can enjoy, and it is very easy to make and a great way to enjoy a chocolate treat despite dietary restrictions!

For this recipe, you can swap heavy cream for coconut cream for the fat in the ice cream base and use oat milk instead of whole milk for the dairy-free options. Other dairy-free options that can be used in place of whole milk include coconut milk, rice milk, and almond milk.

The availability of dairy-free and vegan options for this Ninja Creami recipe is what I love about it because you wouldn’t know if you weren’t told. It is just as good as the regular thing!

17. Ninja Creami Butterfinger Ice Cream

Prepare to fall in love with this Ninja Creami ice cream recipe that tastes just like heaven with butterscotch, candy bits, and peanut butter!

One of the things I love about Ninja Creami is that you are never out of options when it comes to flavor and mix-ins for any recipe, and this Butterfinger Ice Cream will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

This recipe combines all the flavors we love in a Butterfinger bar into a frozen treat that is rich, creamy, and super yummy!

18. Ninja Creami Vanilla Pudding Ice Cream

Here is another Ninja Creami frozen treat that is creamy, smooth, delicious, and easy to make!

This recipe uses instant vanilla pudding mix, which makes it easy to whip up and gives it that rich vanilla flavor, and because the vanilla pudding is already sweetened, there will be no need to add more sugar!

What blows my mind about this recipe is that it is light and has only about 200 calories, making it the perfect dessert!

19. Ninja Creami Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

One of the things I love about Ninja Creami is that it allows you to make your favorite dessert and frozen treats like ice creams and sorbets with ingredients you would normally not use for these treats!

Just like this recipe which uses cottage cheese in the Creami machine. It is easy to make, packs a lot of protein, and tastes great even to those who do not fancy the taste of cottage cheese.

So, here is one way to get in your proteins while satisfying your sweet tooth, and you can add any toppings you like, from crushed graham crackers to Oreos, to enjoy!

20. Peppermint Swirl Gelato

With your Ninja Creami, making a gelato has never been easier, and this Peppermint Swirl Gelato recipe is not left out.

For this recipe, your crushed peppermint candy or cane candy is the star of the show; I mean, who doesn’t love a minty dessert? I know I do!

So, if you don’t have the ingredients in your pantry, quickly run to your neighborhood store and grab some because, believe me when I tell you that this minty, creamy treat is most definitely worth it! And don’t forget to add your peppermint extract for that extra zing!

21. Ninja Creami Pistachio Ice Cream

Here is a three-ingredient Ninja Creami ice cream recipe guaranteed to be a hit and perfect for any occasion!

This Ninja Creami Pistachio Ice Cream is deliciously creamy, absolutely yummy, and, most importantly, very easy to make!

It is perfect for the summer but can also cross over into the holidays and Saint Patty’s because it’s got the hue that fits right in!

Also, you can enjoy the dairy-free version by simply swapping out the heavy cream with unsweetened canned coconut cream and either almond or oat milk for whole milk!

22. Ninja Creami Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Thanks to this recipe, you can now enjoy your Ninja Creamy Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream the way you want.

Like all other Ninja Creami recipes, this dessert is easy to make, and you can customize it the way you prefer, especially if you have dietary restrictions such as dairy intolerance.

The main ingredients for this recipe can easily be found right around the corner or even in your pantry, and don’t forget the graham crackers to mimic your cheesecake crust for this cheesecake ice cream recipe!

23. Ninja Creami Butterscotch Ice Cream

This easy-to-make Ninja Creami recipe will completely blow your mind, especially if you are a fan of butterscotch, and the good news is that you can make it dairy-free if you prefer it that way!

All you need for this recipe is whole cream, heavy cream, instant butterscotch pudding mix, vanilla extract, and your Ninja Creami best friend, and the result is a rich, creamy, and flavorful butterscotch ice cream that you will love!

Again, don’t forget the make it as dairy free as you like because the taste and texture will still be perfect!

24. Easy S’mores Ice Cream

Ever heard of S’mores ice cream? Because, like I always say, with Ninja Creami, you are never out of options for sweet treats and desserts to create!

The tip for this recipe is to toast the marshmallow in the broiler for as long as possible to make it even smokier!

Also, you can use vegan cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese, graham crackers, and vegan chocolate chips for your toppings! You can also make it a dairy-free recipe by swapping the heavy cream content with unsweetened coconut milk and using unsweetened oat milk for milk!

With Ninja Creami, you are the boss!

25. Ninja Creami Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Where are all the Biscoff cookie and cookie butter lovers? Because I am about to make you fall in love with this Ninja Creami butter ice cream!

With the Ninja Creami, making Biscoff ice cream is easy, and you will be rewarded with the creamiest and smoothest treat ever!

The great thing about Ninja Creami recipes is that you can experiment with different ingredients and flavors; this recipe is no different!

You can use any cookie butter for this recipe, including Biscoff, Trader Joe, and any other brand you have, and you can also do any toppings you like; it is entirely up to you!

26. Frozen Eggnog

This is one of those unbelievably easy Ninja Creami recipes with few steps and extremely satisfying results. This Frozen Eggnog recipe is so easy that the hardest part is probably waiting 24 hours for it to be frozen!

With your Ninja Creami, you are halfway there.

Once your Eggnog is completely frozen after 24 hours, all that is required is to push the ‘Sorbet’ button on your Creami to process your Eggnog to perfection and enjoy!

27. Ninja Creami Chocolate Ice Cream with Pudding Mix

This Ninja Creami recipe is one way to enjoy chocolate pudding ice cream without doing too much!

As usual, everyone will readily enjoy this recipe because who doesn’t love chocolate? And it even gets better because you can decide your mix-ins and toppings, which is one of the beauties of having a Ninja Creami!

The star of the show in the recipe is the instant chocolate pudding mix which gets you started. Moreover, you can skip the mix-ins and add some fresh fruits or even whipped cream to make yourself a delicious Ninja Creami chocolate sundae.

28. Truly Sangria Sorbet

A sangria sorbet? Sounds like music to my ears!

Here is another Ninja Creami recipe that you will fall head over heels in love with, and it is completely easy to make.

You can leave out the raw agave nectar for this recipe if you don’t fancy too much sweetness in your sorbet. If you have a jar (or more) of tropical fruit in your kitchen, try this quick and delicious creamy dessert!

It is as easy as three quick steps and a push of a button, and your Ninja Creami Sangria Sorbet is ready to be enjoyed.

29. Maple Gelato

You can make this Ninja Creami recipe vegan and dairy-free if you want because that’s the option you get with Ninja Creami!

Instead of regular cream cheese, you can do vegan cream cheese, and instead of heavy cream, you can use unsweetened coconut cream. Simply whisk the coconut milk to a smooth consistency, then add other ingredients!

Also, ensure your freezer isn’t set to a very cold temperature to avoid crumbly gelato. If that happens, select ‘re-spin’ and process your gelato a little more!

Remember, the world of desserts and frozen treats is your oyster, so have fun and play with mix-ins and toppings however you like!

30. Ninja Creami Protein Ice Cream

If you haven’t heard of Protein Ice Cream before, prepare to be amazed by this Ninja Creami recipe that might require a little tweaking but is worth it!

For this recipe, any milkshake will do, so long as it has just a little fat content, so ensure to check the fat content before buying a milkshake if you want to use it for Ninja Creami ice cream. Also, if you use protein powder for your base, mix it with anything other than water; dairy or non-dairy milk will do just fine!

Although this recipe may require some adjustments to nail, you will love this protein ice cream because it is decadent but has few carbs and calories!

31. Ninja Creami Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

With your Ninja Creami; you can easily make this refreshing mint chocolate chip ice cream in the comfort of your home. It is perfect for every season, especially the summer, and it is one of those recipes you can always rely on!

With minimal effort, be ready to indulge in a creamy treat, and even if you cannot finish it at once, you can always smooth the surface and place it back in the freezer. When next you want to eat it, send it through another ice cream rotation, and you can add a fresh batch of chocolate chips at this point!

32. Ninja Creami Peach Cobbler Frozen Yogurt

There is almost nothing that doesn’t pair well with vanilla, including peaches, which is why this Ninja Creami Peach Cobbler frozen yogurt is the perfect dessert for any day. When combined with vanilla and crunchy oats, you have a rich and delicious treat with a wonderful texture!

A special tip to take note of when recreating this recipe is to add a tablespoon of milk. This is because when processing your treat, they may become dry and crumbly, but adding a tablespoon of milk or cream and re-spinning it brings it back to the right texture and consistency.

So, pull out your Ninja Creami and get creaming!

33. Ninja Creami Pina Colada Light Ice Cream

If, like me, you love all things coconut, this recipe is perfect for you! Get ready to turn your favorite coconut drink into a light treat you will love.

There are quite a number of ways you can make a Pina Colada sweet treat, but this Ninja Creami Pina Colada Light Ice Cream recipe is foolproof and delicious. It also uses the lite ice cream function because it requires no added sugar.

Another great tip about this recipe is that you can make it more like the real stuff by replacing an ounce of coconut cream with rum; yay!

34. Blueberry Pie Ice Cream

If you think blueberry pie is sweet, wait until you try this ice cream with homemade blueberry pie filling and generous chunks of pie crust.

No better way to ring in the summer than with frozen treats, and this blueberry pie ice cream recipe is the holy grail!

What I love about this recipe is that with every bite, you get a chunk of blueberry pie filling and crust altogether, satisfying your senses and sweet tooth cravings in ways you never thought possible!

35. Ninja Creami Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream

As I said before, almost nothing doesn’t pair well with vanilla, and this Ninja Creami Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream recipe further verifies it.

The combination of orange and vanilla in this recipe is simply the bomb! The sweetness of vanilla against the tanginess of the orange creates a whole new world of taste.

It is the perfect sweet treat for the summer, and this recipe is easy to make. It uses orange extract to heighten the flavor, and a few other ingredients lie in your fridge and pantry. So, what are you waiting for to try this recipe?

ninja creami key lime pie ice cream

Ninja Creami Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Since our Ninja Creami Recipe series is going so great, and I am sure you will love them, I have decided to throw in one more fabulous recipe for the road!
Key lime pie is popular for bringing freshness to the palette, which is why it is the perfect frozen treat. Here is how you make a winning key lime pie ice cream that nobody will ever get enough of.
Prep Time 1 day
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 123 kcal


  • Table Spoon
  • Tea Spoon
  • Mixing bowl
  • Measuring Cups
  • Whisk
  • Ninja Creami


  • 1 tbsp of cream cheese.
  • 1 tsp of lime extract.
  • cup of granulated sugar.
  • 1 cup of whole milk.
  • ¾ cup of heavy cream.
  • 2 tbsp of key west lime juice (you can substitute lime juice).
  • a few drops of green + yellow food coloring (optional).
  • 2 graham crackers.


  • In a medium bowl, place and microwave your cream cheese for 5-10 seconds to soften up if it was in the fridge so that it can mix well with other ingredients.
  • Mix your cream cheese with 1 tsp lime extract and 1/3 cup granulated sugar and whisk until thoroughly mixed.
  • Gently whisk in 1 cup of whole milk and 3/4 cup heavy cream.
  • Go in with 2 tbsp key west lime juice and whisk.
  • Add food coloring (green and yellow) to enhance the color and have a more lime-like appearance(optional)
  • Pour your mixture into a Ninja Creami pint container. Make sure not to fill past the max fill line.
  • Ensure it is placed on a flat surface and freeze pint for 24 hours.
  • Remove from the freezer after 24 hours, and plug in your Ninja Creami.
  • Following the Ninja Creami instructions, secure your bowl into the machine, and press the "Ice Cream" button.
  • When the creaming process is finished, remove the pint from the machine, create a hole in your treat, and drop in the crushed graham crackers.
  • Return the pint to the Ninja Creami machine and select "Mix-in."
  • Your treat is ready; enjoy!


You can always customize this recipe to suit your dietary needs, like replacing the dairy content with non-dairy!
Nutrition Info (this is per serving):
Fat: 6g | Carbohydrates: 15g | Protein: 2g
limitlesscooking logo 2.O
secrects 1
oie IhqWEbuxEPSl 1

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