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Panera's Green Smoothie Recipe

We know that not every fruit smoothie is a tasty treat or a refreshing drink. But, we will say that Panera’s Green Smoothie recipe makes a delicious and nutritious drink. It has protein and fiber, and we think it’s an excellent drink for breakfast.

Moreover, the drink takes a few minutes to make in the blender. So, if you are in a hurry in the morning and don’t want to skip breakfast, this smoothie is for you. All you need is some leafy veggies and delicious fruits.

So, let’s not wait anymore and jump into the recipe!

Panera’s Green Passion Smoothie Recipe

Many of us struggle to eat healthily and take care of ourselves. This happens many times because of a shortage of time and willingness to do so. So, the best way to give your body a healthy treat is to switch to green juice or smoothies.

Panera’s vegan options include their green passion smoothie, which is dairy free and has a great taste to it. The mix of mangoes, white grape juice, and peaches give it the sweetness it needs, while the passionfruit adds a bit of tang to it. Moreover, its unique bright green color attracts kids and adults. So, what’s not to like?

We think you’ve had enough of us and desperately want to know the recipe for this evergreen smoothie. Let’s get to the recipe!

Panera’s Green Passion Smoothie Ingredients

This particular recipe has a little bit of everything, which makes it so delightful. There are veggies, fruits, and, of course, ice. So, for this recipe, all you need is the following ingredients:

  • Baby Spinach Leaves — ½ Cup
  • Fresh or Frozen Ripe Peaches — ½ Cup
  • Frozen or Fresh Mangoes — 1 Cup
  • Passion Fruit Juice — ¾ Cup
  • White Grape Juice — ¼ Cup
  • Ice Cubes — ½ Cup

How to Make Panera Bread’s Recipe of Green Smoothie

The process is very simple and quick, so there is nothing to worry about. All you need is a blender to mix all the ingredients together. Trust us; the smoothie is going to be absolutely delicious. It will give you a burst of freshness with every sip. Moreover, we have some excellent tips to make the smoothie tastier in the end.

Step 1: Wash the baby spinach leaves properly and cut them up. You can also use them whole, but we found that cutting them up made blending easier.

Step 2: Now, add everything to your blender one by one. We used frozen peaches and mangoes because the smoothie just tastes much nicer when it is extra cold. Also, don’t forget to add ice!

Step 3: Close your blender lid and mix everything up at a slow speed setting. Open the cover and check if there are any lumps. Give it a stir and blend again for a minute or two.

Step 4: After 5 minutes of blending, the mixture will become semi-thick in texture. Then, pour the smoothie out into a glass, add a mint leaf on top to make it Instagrammable, and enjoy it with a straw.

A Few Tips to Make the Smoothie Better

If you feel like the smoothie isn’t all as good as you anticipated, here is a chance to tweak the recipe. We did it, and we enjoyed it! So, here are some things you can do to improve the smoothie.

  1. Add kale along with spinach. It will help add more nutrition to the smoothie. But make sure to divide the amount of spinach in half and replace it with kale.
  1. If you have a sweet tooth and even though all the fruits are there, it’s not enough. Well, what’s the best alternative to sugar? Honey! Try adding a teaspoon or two teaspoons of honey.
  1. If your smoothie is too thick for your preference, simply add some water to the blender and blend everything together until you get your desired texture.

Are Green Smoothies Good for You?

Green smoothies are a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. We all know that green vegetables contain vitamins, protein, minerals, and other nutrients that help us strengthen our bodies and immune systems.

So, yes, green smoothies are good for you. But don’t fall into the idea that you should only have green smoothies and think it’s good for losing weight. It will help you stay fit, but every person needs a healthy diet of solid food to remain healthy. So, don’t just think; this green smoothie will miraculously shrink you.

When you make a smoothie, the ingredients you add also increase the calorie intake, and thus it is not really a substitute for losing weight. But green smoothies are proven to help people with diabetes and cholesterol.

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A Healthy Ending

Panera Bread’s green passion smoothie has an outstanding balance of sweetness and tanginess. The green hue also makes it very appealing to try. We got hooked when we first tried the recipe, so we believe you will like it too.

If you have tried the recipe and enjoyed it, leave a comment. Even if you tweaked the recipe and the new tweaked version has become your daily smoothie, let us know about it. We would love to hear from you. Have a great day ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I substitute spinach with other leafy green veggies?

Yes, you can substitute spinach leaves for other veggies. We recommend using kale leaves because they have a higher nutritional level and taste richer. Use the same amount of kale leaves as spinach leaves because it will help maintain the consistency of the recipe.

2. Can I use blueberries and strawberries instead of white grape juice?

Technically, you can use the berries. But, it will eliminate the function of liquid required in the recipe. You will then need to add extra water to the smoothie to keep the texture consistent without making it too thick or runny.

3. What can I use if I can’t find passion fruit?

In some regions, passion fruit is hard to find, and we know the struggle. So, you can substitute passion fruit with oranges or, even better, pineapple. These are actually great alternatives that make the smoothie tastier.

4. How long does it take to make the green smoothie recipe?

If you count the preparation and organizing time, the average prep time is 10 minutes. That’s not too bad for someone in a hurry in the morning.

5. How many calories are in Panera Bread’s green smoothie recipe?

The recipe is made in such a way that it can be adapted by people all around the world. It is very flexible, so the calories mainly depend on how many different ingredients you are using. For our recipe, we used a lot more mangoes than needed because we love mangoes. Guilty! So, the calorie amount for our recipe, on average, is 218 kcal.

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